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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gallery Direct?
GALLERY DIRECT is a web site designed for artists of all types to showcase their art and increase their exposure throughout the world. Powerful searching tools incorporated into GALLERY DIRECT allow art collectors as well as casual art browsers to locate specific artists and artwork based on media types, keywords, and even the artist's location!

The GALLERY DIRECT community web site also provides data-based calendar events for Gallery Showings and Exhibitions and includes searching and links to Galleries and Exhibition centers throughout the world. Members contribute Articles on various art-related subjects, Artist discussion forums allow artist to communicate with each other to discuss various topics and Artist Interviews showcase featured artists' work.

I am looking for a particular type of art. How do I search Gallery Direct to find what I am looking for?
Click on the GALLERY tab and you will see “Search Artwork” on the navigation bar. Click on this link and you will see many options you can choose from. First you can choose the media you are interested in, such as Watercolor, Oils & Acrylics, Photography, etc or you can choose to look at All Media types. The next option is Search for: this is where you can enter a description of the artwork you are looking for.

The advanced Search Options allow you to search using Media/Subclass, Subject, and Location. These search words are all entered by the artist. A Media/Subclass for Photography may be Hand Coloring, Polaroid transfers, digital, etc. An artist working in Oils & Acrylics may use collage, Plien air, giclee print, etc. while the subject and location is self explanatory.

I am looking for art exhibitions in my area. How do I see if there are any listed for my area on the GD website?
On the COMMUNITY page you will see “Calendar” on the navigation bar. Click on this link and you will see a list of art events and exhibitions. To the right of each event you will see where the event is located.

Why isn't there a SEARCH BY PRICE RANGE?
At GALLERY DIRECT, we don't believe in limiting or increasing exposure to any artists based on artwork pricing. We believe that anyone searching for art, should first find the art that speaks to them, and then consider the price of the art.

I am looking for a specific artist. How do I find them?
Click on the GALLERY tab and you will see “Search Artist” on the navigation bar. Click on this link and you will see many options to choose from. First you can choose the media type you are interested in and if you want to find an artist in your local area enter your Zip/Postal code and the country you are from.

If you know the artists name, simply enter their first or last name and the subject matter you are looking for and enter your search.

I am looking for an artist in a certain geographical area? How do I do that?
Click on the GALLERY tab and you will see “Search Artist” on the navigation bar. Click on this link and enter the Zip/Postal code and the Country where you wish to locate an artist.

How do I find out more about a particular Artist?
The artist’s main portfolio page will have information about the artist. Most artists have written an Artist Statement, Biography and a Resume which will appear on their main page of their portfolio. If an artist has participated as a Gallery Direct Featured Artist they will have completed an Interview with a Gallery Direct Representative and there will be a link to that interview on the left sidebar of the artist’s main page. If you wish to read other artist’s interviews go to the COMMUNITY page and click on “Artist Interviews” on the navigation bar.

How do I purchase an artwork I found on Gallery Direct?
All sales transactions are negotiated directly with the individual artist. Gallery Direct has no involvement with the artist’s sales. You must contact the artist to initiate a purchase. Some artists may have a link to their own web site enabling direct on-line sales. Be sure to mention to them that you found them on Gallery Direct!

How do I contact the artist directly?
You can contact the artist via the “contact Artist” form. A contact link is located on the left side of every page of each artist’s portfolio.

I have sent a message to an artist but they haven't replied. Why not?
Many of our artists exhibit their work in many parts of the world and often travel to attend these exhibitions. During these times they may not have access to their e-mail and therefore it may take some time before you hear back from them.

Please also note that communications to the artist are sent via e-mail so any messages you send them that may be construed as “spam” may not got delivered successfully to the artist.

I received an email - Postcard from a Gallery Direct artist but I can't read it in my email!
Many e-mail programs have security features which prevent images from displaying within the message until you “authorize” the images to be displayed. Once you “OK” the images to display, the post card should come up and you should be able to see it.

How do I submit an event for the Gallery Direct Calendar?
The Gallery Direct Calendar is a special feature for Gallery Direct members only. All members can submit their exhibitions and events to the Gallery Direct Calendar of Events. If you are a qualifying private Gallery we can give you a special “Calendar Only Membership.” To request this free membership contact us at

I am an artist and am interesting in Joining Gallery Direct. What do I do?
To Join Gallery Direct you must go through a Free Jury Process by e-mailing us the following Information: Artist Statement, Biography, 4 jpg images (less than 200K) of artwork that represents your body of work and a current website link if available. Jurying takes place weekly. Click HERE to find out more about becoming a Gallery Direct Artist Member.



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