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Gallery and Exhibition Center Memberships

GALLERY DIRECT offers memberships to Galleries and Exhibition Centers to increase exposure by providing informational web pages and specific artist and exhibition artwork pages. Gallery and Exhibition Center Accounts allow extensive searching by Artists, Artwork, and by Location. Management of your web pages are fully automated and allow you to manage your account whenever you want, with no additional charges. A Gallery/Exhibition Center membership includes:
An Overview Page allowing complete information about your gallery or exhibition center, three headings and text to highlight your important information, and the ability to include a graphic logo or image on the top of your overview web page.
10 Fully automated Artist and Exhibition Galleries with up to 50 artworks to showcase your artist's work.
Each Artist and Exhibition Gallery has the ability to include an "Introduction" page which can include an image (or Artist Photo) and text you wish to show as an introduction to that Gallery.
Extensive searching capabilities of GALLERY DIRECT allow you to include specific keywords for each artwork including separate keyword entry for media type, subject, and location of the artwork (if applicable).
Exclusive searching feature allows viewers to find you based on a proximity search by ZIP/Postal Code.
Automatic extraction of IPTC and EXIF data from your uploaded images allow easier management of your uploaded artwork.
Information that is displayed includes your city, state, and country; links to your main web site, and a link to contact you via e-mail.
An e-mail contact form enables viewers to e-mail you without revealing your e-mail address, and messages to you from viewers include a reference to what Gallery and Artwork they were looking at when they chose to contact you.
News and Special Notices can be displayed on every web page of your account, making it easy to notify viewers of upcoming events or news items you wish to communicate.
Membership allows you to submit calendar events for Exhibition Deadlines, Gallery and Exhibition Showings, Seminars and Conventions, and an "Other" category of events related to the Artist and Galleries.
No Banner Ads or Intrusive advertising Pop-Ups on any of your web pages.
Search engine compliance automatically indexes your member web page with popular web search pages.
Advantages include participation in the GALLERY DIRECT community and inclusion of your artist's artwork with other fine-art artists in a centalized location. Link your GALLERY DIRECT webpage directly from your current website for optimum exposure.
How do I join?
All Galleries and Exhibition Centers are automatically qualified to become members of GALLERY DIRECT. E-mail GALLERY DIRECT using the link below and include your Gallery/Exhibition Center Name, address, website (if you have one), and contact information, and one of our representatives will contact you right away.

Click HERE to Request Membership.
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Gallery and Exhibition Center Membership costs $12.50/month USD (paid $150.00 annually) and include up to 10 Artist/Exhibition Galleries and up to a total of 50 individual artworks. Additional Galleries and Artwork capabilities are available with an additional charge.


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