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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gallery Direct?
GALLERY DIRECT is a web site designed for artists of all types to showcase their art and increase their exposure throughout the world. Powerful searching tools incorporated into GALLERY DIRECT allow art collectors as well as casual art browsers to locate specific artists and artwork based on media types, keywords, and even the artist's location!

The GALLERY DIRECT community web site also provides data-based calendar events for Gallery Showings and Exhibitions and includes searching and links to Galleries and Exhibition centers throughout the world. Members contribute Articles on various art-related subjects, Artist discussion forums allow artist to communicate with each other to discuss various topics and Artist Interviews showcase featured artists' work.

How do I become a member?
Artists wishing to join GALLERY DIRECT must be selected through a jury process. There is no fee to have your artwork juried for consideration of membership. Artists must e-mail us the following information to be considered for membership: Artist's Statement; Biography; 4 jpeg images of your artwork that represent your body of work (each file less than 200K); and your current website link, if available. Jurying takes place weekly. Click HERE to find out more about Artist Membership details.

Galleries and Exhibition Centers are automatically eligible for a "Gallery" account. Click HERE to find out more about "Gallery" membership details.

Are there any fees for updating my Portfolio?
No. GALLERY DIRECT offers you complete automated account management and allows our members to update and change their information whenever they want without additional charges.

How do people find me and my artwork?
Extensive search features of GALLERY DIRECT allow visitors to find you and your artwork by various means. For every piece of artwork you add, you have the ability to input searching and key-word data for that artwork using three criteria: media, subject, and location. This data helps visitors locate your work when using our search features. Art Media links allow the visitor to find you quickly based on the media you work in. Visitors can also do an Artist Search using your name, media type, subject or even a "proximity" search, using their zip/postal code.

Why isn’t there a SEARCH BY PRICE RANGE?
At GALLERY DIRECT, we don't believe in limiting or increasing exposure to any artists based on artwork pricing. We believe that anyone searching for art, should first find the art that speaks to them, and then consider the price of the art.

How can I get my artwork to appear on the Gallery Direct Main page and Gallery page?
Artwork that appears on the Main page and Gallery page is picked randomly from our member list. Once your artwork is uploaded and you have activated your Gallery, your artwork is then eligible for being randomly selected for the Main page and Gallery page. Every time these pages are reloaded, new random artwork is picked to be displayed. When you upload new artwork it also appears on the “New Artwork” page. All artists, Artwork, and Galleries are automatically indexed by popular search engine web pages.

Can I tell how often my artwork was viewed?
Yes. You have an “Account Statistics” page where statistics are recorded every time someone views your artwork or links to any of your portfolio/gallery pages. On your account statistics page you also have “Postcard Tracking Results” that records the number of times each postcard was read and how many times someone linked to your portfolio from that postcard.

How does the E-Postcard work?
There is a link on your account page that takes you to the E-postcard feature. Once you link to the Postcard Feature you can choose an artwork, then enter your postcard title, message and e-mail address where you would like it sent. Once it’s sent, you can go to your account statistics page and see who read it and who linked to your portfolio from the postcard.

Can I submit an Article for publication on GALLERY DIRECT?
You must be a member to contribute an article on GALLERY DIRECT. We encourage all our members to become involved in our art community and will consider any art-related article for inclusion on the GALLERY DIRECT site. E-Mail our staff if you have an article that you would like considered for publication.

How do I add a Calendar Event to GALLERY DIRECT?
You must be a Gallery Direct member to add a calendar event. Members can automatically add calendar events by linking to the “Add Calendar Event Form” on their Account Page. Once the event is submitted, it will be put online pending approval by a GALLERY DIRECT administrator. There is no limit to the number of events a member is allowed to submit.

How do I get Help?
Members have a special help section they can link to from their Account Page that explains in detail how to create your Artist Statement Page (main page) and Manage your Galleries and Artwork. Gallery Direct staff are always ready to help and will answer your e-mail promptly.

Is my e-mail address private?
All e-mail addresses are kept strictly confidential and never appear anywhere on the GALLERY DIRECT webpage unless you publish them yourself within your portfolio pages. GALLERY DIRECT offers a web page contact form which allows viewers to contact you via e-mail without ever providing the viewer with your actual e-mail address. E-mail addresses are never distributed to any third party, nor can any automated spam-based email-retriever programs access your e-mail account information.

Why aren't there more FAQ Questions?
GALLERY DIRECT is so easy and straight forward to use, it doesn't require anything more than basic computer knowledge to get you up and running with your portfolio online in just minutes!


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