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Portfolio of
 Asbjorn Lonvig 


Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics
Mixed Media
Graphic Arts

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0 - World's Best Fine Art......
1 - Worldwide inspiration
2 - European inspiration
3 - North American inspiration
4 - Asian inspiration
5 - Sad Days
A - Fairy Tales
B - Storytelling
C - Huge Outdoor Sculptures

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Gallery Direct Interview with ASBJORN LONVIG

Asbjorn’s artistic expression is created through the use of simple shapes and bright colors that are brought together to tell a story and communicate his message globally. He uses symbolism to produce his emotional expressionistic paintings and describes his work as a “Colorful Simplicity in Art as in Life”


Did you develop an interest in art and design at a very early age?

Yes, in High School I had a very inspiring teacher called Jes Dueholm. His father was the famous Danish painter Robert Dueholm Jessen.

Oils & Acrylics:
Faith in my heart by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-2170
Faith in my heart

Who gave you the most encouragement and inspiration during your career as an artist?

I received much encouragement and inspiration from the people behind Vejle Boldklub, Vejle Boldklub is a soccer team - a soccer club, which is very close to my heart. I once was a player myself. I have created their storytelling and I have designed the Vejle Boldklubs Museum.

Oils & Acrylics:
United States Five by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-3779
United States Five

Has your work always been very graphic in design or did this style develop later in your career?

Yes always - unless I suffer from depression, then it disappears for a while and at these times my style changes. You can see this in my Sad Days portfolio on Gallery Direct and also on my Sad Days-Exhibition of Paintings on my website.

My artist statement is "Colorful Simplicity in Art as in Life". My style is how I am.


What formal or informal training have you found most useful during your career?

I was educated as an IBM Software Engineer. That has been the most useful training during my career as an artist.

Oils & Acrylics:
Spain Eight -  Alhambra by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-3799
Spain Eight - Alhambra

Does the computer play an important role in the development of your idea for an artwork?

The computer plays a very important role in my idea for an artwork. Like the pencil or brush did to Picasso. No more, no less.

Oils & Acrylics:
Margaret - the blue cow by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-2240
Margaret - the blue cow

Your work is very colorful with very precise and simple designs that give the viewer immediate recognition of the subject. Could you tell us a little about the process you use to create these wonderful graphic pieces of artwork?

I intentionally leave out anything unimportant. I intentionally use bright colors to emphasize what is left.

Oils & Acrylics:
Sad Days Indeed by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-4376
Sad Days Indeed

Your Children’s Book series is full of wonderful, colorful pieces that would appeal to all children. How did you come to develop this series of work?

Over the years I made Tall Charlie and other fairy tale characters separately. In 2000 Lucca was born. I'm her granddad. I decided to write everything together in one universe of fairy tales and fairy tale characters.

Recently - last week - I created The Fairy Tale Theatre and The Fairy Tale Factory to supplement the fairy tale universe. It is similar to a puppet theater to urge kids to tell fairy tales of their own. You can see details of this theater on my website by searching “Fairy Tale Theater Kids’ Fairy Tale Factory.


How do you keep yourself motivated and continually come up with new ideas?

My interests in every day live motivate me continuously.

Sky of Navona by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-2197
Sky of Navona

Could you tell us what all the interests are that motivate you?

Vejle Boldklub Soccer Team, Tour de France, Biking, Travel - on the 30th of June 2008, I leave for Toscana, Italy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Lille Fejringhus - my residence, My role as a dad, My role as a granddad, My role as a husband, News, TV, Talking to interesting people. I have not yet met a person, who is not interesting in some way or another, Le Mans,

You name it. Everything that moves and is genuine, motivates me.

Sofus-Yield a Profit by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-2233
Sofus-Yield a Profit

Do you believe that creativity and genius go hand in hand?

You have to be a psychopath to be a genius. Psychopath and genius cover the same personality disorder. The more psychopathic you are the more creativity you need to survive.

Creativity and genius certainly does go hand in hand.

Oils & Acrylics:
The Palace of Versailles Blue by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-9359
The Palace of Versailles Blue

What do you think about the commonly held notion that creativity is linked to madness?

You can be creative without being mad. But you can't create anything important without being mad, psychopathic or a genius.

Oils & Acrylics:
You raise me up by Asbjorn Lonvig
Artwork-ID: 66-2169
You raise me up

Do you have a new series of work in progress and if so could you tell us a little about it?

I always have a new series in process. Today I'll launch an idea about having the soccer legend Sepp Meier, Bayern Munich and open a storytelling exhibition on Johnny Hansen, who back in 1970s was a team-mate with Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller and Sepp Meier.

I have made portraits of the legends, who are exhibited in the storytelling exhibitions – Storytelling uden fFortid – ingen Fremtid Portraits - which is on my website and you can can link to it by doing a web search.

Today I'll finish creating 85 new merchandise products on Sleep-Sheep - LONVIG by MINYMO which is a kids' clothing brand based on my fairy tale universe. In spring 2009 Sleep-Sheep is on the clothes and in autumn 2008 Bernhard is on the clothes.

If you go to my site Lonvig by Minymo you can see all the merchandise that will be available.

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