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Portfolio of
 Pol  Sioson Herrera 

Livingston, New Jersey
United States

Media Type(s):
Mixed Media

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Galleries in Portfolio:

Birds and Animals
Colorful Banners ( Felt )
Plants and Flowers
Portrait and Figures
Sculpture relivo
Spiritual Art

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Gallery Direct Interview with POL SIOSON HERRERA

Pol's art, which conveys a gentle beauty, reflects his passion for life and his love for music and nature. His work is expressed in a number of styles and media including "Polinearism"--A new way of seeing.

Home for Thanksgiving by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3285
Home for Thanksgiving

Could you tell us when you realized you had a talent for art and when you decided that being an artist was something you wanted to pursue?

When I was young, I learned to draw the characters in the movies I watched such as was depicted in the "Thanksgiving Day" image.

Scorpion by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3306

What formal or informal education have you found most useful in your career as an artist?

I graduated as a pictorial illustrator from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. My figure drawing class was probably my most valuable education. Examples" the "Human Figure" image and the "Let me Draw" image.

Ballerina by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3297

You have developed an association with music and people in your work which you call "Polinearism". Could you tell us a little about this association and how it relates to your work?

A phrase or bar of a musical piece or a particular person often comes to mind while I am creating a piece that inspires me to express both the subject and significance of the subject through the work. This is seen in the "The Tenors" image.

Harana (Serenade) by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-7324
Harana (Serenade)

How did you come to develop "Polinearism" and what inspired these creations?

I came to develop "Polinearism" when I was doodling some human figures on a napkin while thinking about a particular musical piece. Someone then asked me what type of art I was creating and I came up with the word "Polinearism" because the style is distinctly mine, thus the "Pol" and then "linearism" because my style consists of the use of multiple lines coming off from different directions giving the subject shape, depth and form. This is seen in the "Bass / Dance Players" image.

Winter Horse by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3280
Winter Horse

Have your life experiences influenced your work? If so, in what way?

My life experiences definitely inspire my work. I draw from my own experiences and seek to capture those subjects and feelings in my pieces. A good example of this is the "Praise Him" image that was inspired by my relationship to God from the scriptures.

Folk Art deco by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3312
Folk Art deco

What has been the biggest challenge for you during your career as an artist?

The biggest challenge I've had during my career was the large undertaking I took in painting a mural on the wall of Livingston, NJ historical landmark, Northfield Bapist Church. I underwent some opposition from the congregation in the process of planning out what I wanted to paint. This is seen in the "Gospel Singers" image.

Playful and Innocent by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3277
Playful and Innocent

You work in a number of media. What is your medium of choice and why is it your favorite?

I don't have a particular medium of choice. My choice of media really depends on what I'm trying to accomplish through the piece. For example, if I want to create a piece for merely decorative purposes I would choose mixed media. Or if I want to portray a certain individual I would use watercolor or pen and ink.

TLSCF Logo by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3319

Do you create your work with a specific group of people in mind and are you concerned if people see your work differently from the way you intended?

I don't create my work with any specific group of people in mind rather, I create with the hope that anyone who sees my work would interpret it in a way that is meaningful to them and speaks to them personally yet still understand the general sense of the message I am trying to convey.


How important is it to you, to convey a specific message or feeling through your art?

I feel like art is all about conveying feelings/messages to people so it is very important for my viewers to understand the feeling/message of the piece.

Dahlia by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3274

What are your favorite pieces of work you have done and why have you chosen those particular pieces?

"Moonlight Melody" is a projection of my artistic exploration which heralded a new period in my artistic career. The two other pieces that are my favorites are "A Fiddler" and "I Will Play, You Dance". The inspiration was my eldest daughter who plays the violin.

Mixed Media:
Tiger Woods for President ? by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-3270
Tiger Woods for President ?

If you were to give an artist just starting out in their career some advice, what would that be?

I would say to learn to draw human figures because learning how provides the basis of understanding movement and lines in art. And more importantly to find out what inspires you to create and surround yourself with it as much as possible.

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