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 Asbjorn Lonvig 


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    Oils & Acrylics
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B - Storytelling



The Asbjorn Lonvig Storytelling Concept.

This new concept addresses people’s feelings - Not their common sense.

The story-making picture.
For a longer period of time I have been working with the story-making picture.
At the same time I have written stories about the creation of the pictures, the inspiration and the symbolism of the pictures.
I have encountered an enormous interest concerning these supplementary stories.
The story-making picture can communicate globally.

The picture-making story.
In the book "The Dream Society",
Rolf Jensen writes as director of Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, that "the battle about market shares will be the battle between stories".
Having attended a seminar with the famous storyteller Carsten Islington, I understood the power of storytelling, that is the power of the picture-making story.
At the seminar I debuted as a storyteller.

My idea.
My idea is combining the story-making picture and the picture-making story in order to obtain a highly effective tool to communicate important messages to different target groups.
When you do this in simple shapes and bright colors,
concerning pictures as well as texts, the tool becomes very pedagogical and has a remarkable power of penetration.

Communicating "corporate values" to employees and co-operators - for instance customers.
Communicating marketing messages to customers and potential customers.
Communicating an important message to managers, employees and society.

Storytelling motifs can be pedagogical - or
storytelling motifs can be classical (in my sence!!!!).

My definition of storytelling is not that of the buzzword storytelling.
I often use my own motifs and I enjoy using fiction.

STORYTELLING...samples of my production:
The story about The Wind-Mill Ballet and the Wind-Mill Theater (in English).
Historien om Vind-Mølle Teateret (in Danish).
Fifteen art works combined with storytelling to communicate
the values and goals of a company:
The story about SOFUS (in English) - pedagogical motifs.
Historien om SOFUS (in Danish).
The story about different SOFUSes (in English).
Historien om forskellige SOFUS'er (in Danish).
The story about Easter Island (in English) - classical motifs (in my sence!!!!).

Other examples:
The story about Vitus and Vitusia (in English).
Historien om Vitus og Vitusine (in Danish).
Historien om Louis (in Danish).
Historien om Justus (in Danish).
The story about GAS-ballet (in English).
Historien om GAS-ballet (in Danish).
The story about Nice Mr. Jacob from Chicago (English.
Historien om venlige Mr. Jacob fra Chicago (Danish).

Do you want to see stories in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese or Chinese, Dutch, Greek or Russian - see site map.

Sincerely yours,
Asbjorn Lonvig, illustrator and writer - writer and illustrator



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