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Portfolio of
 Asbjorn Lonvig 


Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics
Mixed Media
Graphic Arts

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0 - World's Best Fine Art......
1 - Worldwide inspiration
2 - European inspiration
3 - North American inspiration
4 - Asian inspiration
5 - Sad Days
A - Fairy Tales
B - Storytelling
C - Huge Outdoor Sculptures

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A - Fairy Tales


The LUCCA-project logo.

Children's Books Online.
The LUCCA-project - short multicultural fairy tales to download and print.
Octo-Pus and Crab-Mac-Claw are main characters in a number of fairy tales. The fairy tales are made to my grandchild Lucca and children all over the world. The keywords are mutual understanding through mutual inspiration. The fairy tales are translated into English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Danish by human translators. The fairy tales are translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Russian and Dutch by computer translation. Besides children's books online there are coloring books, slide shows, mini-posters, T-shirt transfers etc. In Hartford, Connecticut and in Calusa Elementary School, Boca Raton in Florida they use the online children's books and the coloring books in school and preschool.
The Memphis TN based web site has ranked the fairy tales as number one in the category "General foreign language resources". The result is heavy use of the fairy tales by internet4classroom's users.
The publisher Pumpkin House in Columbus, Ohio has the fairy tales on the main page.
Kindergartens and children's museums use them, too.
Use them!!!
Hot news: Asbjorn Lonvig's fairy tales to be published in China.
I got this message from my Chinese translator Ni Duan in Hangzhou southeast of Shanghai.
A publisher in China wants to publish my fairy tales. Ni Duan has translated my fairy tales from English into Chinese and shown the internet version to Chinese publishers. See an internet version in Chinese.
A dream has come through.

Here in this GALLERY DIRECT gallery are the expensive paintings of those folks.
My dream was to collect all my animals, cars etc. in one universe -a universe where fairy tales spring up by themselves.
That dream has been fulfilled.
I'm a happy man - ready to write more fairy tales.



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