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 Heimo Christian Haikala 


Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics

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Heimo C Haikala
Heimo Haikala Recent Works

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Skipping Mary [Dyptich] 2004 48" x
72" - oil on sized canvas

Artist Statement

Current works are oil on sized canvas and depict a personal spiritual symbolism. I take inspiration from my life long interests in everything from chess to current events in the news to medieval stained glass to "life in general", and combine it with the classical figure drawing and painting that formed the basis of my art college education. I am trying to paint the human condition. The paintings are combinations of colour fields and candid illuminations of our times.

Paintings were inspired by personal family experiences as an immigrant to Canada from Finland in the 1960s.

The rich use of colour in my work makes it engaging. I also strive to combine different levels of meaning for the viewer by representing both the personal experience of family and an examination of spiritualism. There is a visual depth to my work that allows the viewer to treat the work as colour studies or to look deeper to find the narrative depiction.


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