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Portfolio of
 Judy Somerville 

New York, New York
United States

Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics
Mixed Media

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Galleries in Portfolio:

Airports,Airplanes and Snow
City Views
Soap Operas Juke boxes Diners
underground caves


"Once Tsipi's View"

Artist Statement

Judy Somerville's most recent paintings of cityscapes are about detail. Her paintings portray an absurdly excessive world of extremes. A "twilight zone" magically situated between reality and abstraction appears as super real images morph into the hyper abstract.


At age three, Judy Somerville launched her art career by taking her first art classes at MOMA. By age four she decided to become a "real" artist. At twelve she studied painting with Irving Marantz in Provincetown, Mass. That summer she painted dozens of fishing boats, beaches, and the sea. A few years later she graduated from The High School Of Music and Art and four years later earned a BA from Bard College with a fine arts major.

She was selected by Lester Polokov, world renowned Broadway set designer, to study the art of set painting and briefly painted sets for a number of off Broadway shows. While continuing to paint, exhibit and travel she furiously took photographs which she later incorporated into her paintings.

Ms. Somerville has traveled worldwide, exhibiting her works in more than forty invitational and one person shows. Numorous reviews and articles about her work appear in over seven different languages in various magazines, journals and newspapers.

She has exhibited widely in the USA, Tokyo, Osaka, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin and Munich and is represented in numerous collections throughout the world. She has appeared as a guest on French and Belgium TV and most recently her painting "Dave's Corner" was auctioned off at Christies East.

She is presently represented by The Michael Ingbar Gallery, New York City.


"Judy Somerville's masterful realist depictions are often strangely evocative of some of the best classical works in the Louvre such as Jacques Louis David's, without his use of shadow and perspective. And instead of painting historical scenes as he did, her own images are startlingly surreal glimpses of the present as emblem of the inexorable passage of time."

Julian A Friedland May 2004

Brief Resume
Solo Exhibions(selected)
Galerie Jean Pierre Lavignes, Paris France;Dyansen Gallery, SOHO New York City;Yokota Design Workshop, Tokyo, Japan;

Gallery A-Z Osaka, Japan.

Group Exhibitions(selected)
World Social Forum, Mumbai India; The Museum of New Art, Detroit, Michigan; Museum of Russian Emigres, Jersey City; Four American Artists, Brussels Beligium; Frauen Galerie, Berlin Germany; The Loft, Munich Germany

Liberation, France, Playboy, Japan; Cosmopolitan, Japan; Dime, Japan; Suddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Germany;New York Post, New York, New York, Le Figaro, Paris France; Popeye, Magazine For Nice Boys, Japanese edition; Taz, Berlin Germany; The Jersey Journal, New Jersey; New York Daily News, New York City; Inside New York , House In The Hamptons etc.


Michael Ingbar Gallery, 568 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Group show, opening June 17 - through August 28, 2004


Michael Ingbar Gallery


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