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 Kevin Jenne 

Montreal, Quebec

Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics

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Land(E) Scape

Interview with Artist


Kevin Jenne Artist

Artist Statement

Many people are interested in the creative process. As for me, I really don’t remember anytime I was not drawing or painting. It’s a necessity of life, similar to how we all need to eat and breathe to sustain life; for me, there is a deep seated desire to create. When not painting I am thinking about the paintings I should be creating and for every one that makes it to canvas there are hundreds of others at the threshold waiting to make their debut. When painting I want to create something beautiful and unique. I am at my very best and infused with energy when painting and these feelings are conveyed in my works.

I am fascinated by people in their environment. Whenever not in my studio, I am out photographing interesting buildings for their unique architecture. Montreal was my original playground. Now I am incorporating elements from my travels (New York, Paris, Hong Kong). The principal reason I use architecture is because of the use of prospective, drawing viewers into the paintings. I want my art to take the viewer places and as I paint I want to tell a story. I use friends and family as subject matter, symbols representing my life. The figures are painted without facial features creating the illusion of ambiguity and timelessness. So, when viewers look at my work they become part of the story. My paintings are infused with an inner glow and luminosity that gives each piece a life of its own. My choice to use intense colours is done to elicit an emotional response and stir passion in those who view my work.

I originally started painting in oil but, due to health concerns, my current works are done in acrylics either on canvas or panel. I want to achieve an “inner glow” in my paintings. This is accomplished through my technique of painting my canvas completely black and then bringing out the lighter colours. Red is one of my favorite colours due to it quality of bringing out the highest impact; it also gives the sense of passion, life and warmth. I know when my piece is finished when you cannot pick out just one thing to look at, when the eye is drawn to the piece as a whole rather than its parts.

Bien des gens sont intéressés au processus de création. En ce qui me concerne, j’ai dessiné ou peint d’aussi loin que je me souvienne. C’est une nécessité, comme le besoin de manger et de respirer pour entretenir la vie; je ressens un besoin impératif de créer. Quand je ne peins pas, je pense aux tableaux que je devrais créer et pour chaque tableau qui prendra forme sur la toile, il y en a une centaine d’autres sur le seuil, attendant de faire leur début. Quand je peins, je veux créer quelque chose de beau et d’unique. Je suis à mon meilleur et je me sens rempli d’énergie quand je peins et ces sentiments ressortent dans mes œuvres.

Les gens dans leur environnement me fascinent. Si je ne suis pas dans mon atelier, je suis parti photographier des bâtiments intéressants par leur architecture unique. Montréal a été mon premier terrain de jeu. Maintenant, j’incorpore des éléments de mes voyages (New York, Paris, Hong Kong). La principale raison pour laquelle je me sers de l’architecture est pour utiliser la perspective, ce qui entraîne les spectateurs dans les tableaux. Je veux, par mon art, amener le spectateur à des endroits et je veux que ma peinture raconte une histoire. Ma famille et mes amis deviennent le sujet de mes observations, ce sont des symboles représentant ma vie. Les personnages sont peints sans traits faciaux créant l’illusion d’ambigüité et d’intemporalité. Alors, lorsqu’on regarde mes œuvres, ils deviennent une partie de l’histoire. Mes tableaux sont insufflés d’une incandescence intérieure et d’une luminosité, donnant à chaque œuvre une vie propre. Je choisis d’utiliser des couleurs intenses afin de provoquer l’émotion et remuer la passion de ceux qui regardent mon travail.

Je peignais à l’huile à mes débuts, mais des problèmes de santé m’ont amené à utiliser l’acrylique, soit sur toile ou panneau. Je veux réaliser une « incandescence intérieure » dans mes œuvres. J’obtiens ce résultat en peignant ma toile complètement noire, puis en appliquant les couleurs plus pâles. Le rouge est une de mes couleurs préférées car il a la qualité d’apporter le plus d’impact; il donne aussi passion, vie et chaleur. Je sais que mon tableau est terminé lorsqu’on ne peut choisir une partie à regarder mais que l’œil est attiré vers l’œuvre en entier plutôt qu’à ses éléments.


About Kevin:

Born in Canada, Kevin Jenne was trained, encouraged and inspired at a young age by a variety of artistic mentors. Jenne’s earliest paintings where reminiscent of stained glass windows, a technique he calls “Intrinsic Illumination” which was followed by themes inspired by architectural motifs along with musicians. He paints in intense colours. Jenne favours deep contrasting hues against a shade of black to add vibrancy to the artwork, the luminescence seems to emanate from within the canvas. This style has continues through out his career.

By Dorota Kozinska

Landscape weaves through art like breath. It has inspired and guided artists from time immemorial and continues to this day, indomitable in the face of technological onslaught… Kevin Jenne picks up the vibe and transforms it into paintings at once classical and contemporary. But beyond anything else, his works are, oh, so very Canadian, and so very personal. They are an echo of this land, they are born of the same soil that the Group of Seven trod on, and yet they are unique to this artist, and a reflection of his spirit as much as of the energy that drives him. But at the same time they are the product of a particular creative itch, and the way Jenne translates his inner vision into painting is his alone.

His latest production is focused entirely on nature, landscape, and intrinsically, on an inner dialogue with his surroundings.These works are the culmination of a personal journey, both physical and emotional, their shape taking form while the artist is lost in the rapture of running in nature… It almost sounds like the motto for what he does, for motion is a major part of his creative process. Jenne works fast. Impressions have to be translated into a visual lexicon as fast as they appear, and that is a feat in itself. Alone in his studio, these impressions find an outlet in visual notations that resemble a continuous discourse with nature, as if the artist was still ensconced in its lap, while at the same time being in front of his canvas.

In his latest offering, ‘canvas’ in not the right word as these paintings are done on ‘terraskin’, medium created from stone, and an ideal material for expressing Jenne’s vision. What else could serve an artist reflecting nature than one born of it…

The nature depicted in Jenne’s paintings is nature transmuted, altered but emotionally, the branches and leaves are still discernible, but like in the gentle, sensuous lines of Quebec painter Marc-Aurèle Fortin (1888 -1970), they speak a different, softer pictorial language. What breaks through Jenne’s visual narrative is colour, and his palette adheres to nature just as does his subject matter and choice of medium. In works like Occasus the sky is exploding, sending shards of colour across the landscape, tinting the horizon with shimmering turquoise. The colours and shapes seem to collapse in more intimate compositions like Portal, in which an alleyway is transformed into a romantic pathway, undulating with shape and colour to the point of dizziness.

Fortin believed that “Canadian artists should take their inspiration from the countryside and progress towards a national art… We should excel in landscapes, exactly as the French do.”

Kevin Jenne must have heard that clarion call…

Dorota Kozinska is a writer, art critic, and journalist based in Montreal. Her art reviews and articles have been published extensively in Vie des Arts, Parcours informateur des arts, MagazinArt, Art Forum, and The Gazette, as well as broadcast internationally on CBC Radio. She is the author of numerous artists’ catalogues and an independent curator.


Sept. 24, 2017 - Solo - “Land[e]scape” Fairmont Le Château Montebello
June 14, 2017- Solo – “Land[e]scape” Métèque Atelier d’art & Gallery
March 15, 2016 - Solo - New Life" - Galerie 1507- Montreal, QC
December 2, 2014 – Solo “Prelude” – Galerie 1507 – Montreal, QC
March 2, 2013:Solo “Dix-version spontanee” – Montreal en lumiere – Nuit Blanche – Galerie 1507 – Montreal, QC

Nov. 24-25, 2012: Solo -“Joie” – Galerie D’Art Rimawi – Rosemere, QC
March 2011: Solo – “Joy of Colour” – Traveling Art Gallery – Sooke, BC
Jan. 2011: Charity Event – Artevida 2011 Gala – Casa Las Gaviotas, Punta de Mita, Mexico
Nov. 2010: Charity Event – Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation – Le Fairmount Hotel, Mt-Tremblant, Quebec

Feb. 2010: “Inspiration Mexico” – Splurge Art Gallery Bucerias, Mexico
Nov. 2009: Splurge Art Gallery Bucerias, Mexico
May 2009: Klimantiris Gallery – “Joie de Vivre” – Wine Tasing (Carone Wines)
Nov. 2008: Artiste Winery – Wine Tasting & Art
May 2008: Klimantiris Gallery – “Spring Harmony”
March 2008: Gallery 344 – during the Kalamazoo ART HOP
Dec. 2006: Lyzon Gallery – Nashville, TN
Nov. 2006: GALA – Perfect Pear Gallery – Chicago, Il
Nov. 2006: Gallery 344 – Kalamazoo, MI
Dec. 2005: Miniatures – Avenue Art, Westmount, Qc
March 2005: JAZZ – in conjunction with a live performance by Lorraine Klaasen –Oscar Peterson Hall sponsored by Avenue Art Gallery.

Feb. 2005: Recent Oils – Le Sans Souci – Astoria, NY
April 2004: Recent Oils – Klimantiris Gallery, Ville St. Laurent, Qc
December 2003: Gallery Le Canal, Montreal, Quebec
Sep. 2002: Inspirations
2000-2001: Group Show – Schroers Gallery Montreal, Qc
2000: Transitions
1999: Montreal Architecture


February 14th, 2018 - Group Show

Avenue Art
1 Westmount Square
Sainte Catherines Enterance ( Unit c-300 )
Westmount, (Québec)
H3Z 2P9, Canada
TEL: 514-867-3745


Since 1998 Jenné has been represented by numerous galleries. Jenné also displays paintings in some non-traditional venues.

Current Gallery Representation

Galerie Lydia Monaro
34, Saint-Paul West, Suite 41
Montreal, QC H2Y 1Y8
Phone: 514 849-6052 Fax: 514 849-8823

Avenue Art
TEL: 514-867-3745
MAILING ADDRESS: 23009 csp Vendome
Montreal, QC Canada H4C 3V4

7250 KEELE STREET, UNIT 353 & UNIT 323
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 1Z8
(416) 892-2888

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