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Portfolio of
 Lise Cree 

Montreal, Quebec

Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics

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Ballerina (36'' x 36'')

Artist Statement

In this era of war and darkness in the world, I choose to concentrate on Beauty through my paintings. This is why my first series of paintings were on children whose attitudes are pure and not yet influenced by the sadness and ugliness of some realities. My work allows me to focus on the beautiful side of life and I take advantage of it thanks to the jewels of Nature. Painting flowers meets the profound desire of grasping, in time, a piece of life; of translating the emotion of a moment and extending it to the canvas. Flowers, then, let surface the dreams of the soul, for beyond their beauty, beyond the wonder they inspire, it is the creative spirit of Nature that I see in them; this miracle always renewed, of which I try to hold a fragment.


A professional translator born in Montreal, Lise Cree has always demonstrated a keen interest in all forms of art, particularly in the visual arts. It is by chance that, in 1987, she found herself in a drawing class where she quicly decided to trade pencils and pens for brushes and colours. It was the beginning of a great adventure which led her to explore the various medias through art schools and workshops.

Her strong desire to paint took her later to Mexico, where she spent five months attending classes at the Bellas Artes of San Miguel de Allende. During this period, where she could explore freely, she started working with acrylics. Trained according to the oil painting techniques of the Great Masters, she learned to adapt these classic techniques to acrylics, which she now favours.

Lise's work has been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout Quebec, France and New York. In 2003 and 2004, she has been rewarded with Outstanding Awards in the competitions of the CAPSQ, an Association of Visual Artists and Sculptors in Quebec.


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Galerie Avenue Art, Montreal, Qc
Galerie Coup de Coeur, Montreal, Qc


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