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Portfolio of
 Robert Cantor 

Mill Valley, California
United States

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Anatomy of Melancholy
Contemporary Sculpture
Covid Attitudes/Secret Obsessions
Ecstatic Moments
Figurative Sculpture
Portraits and Busts
Psychological States
The Human Comedy
Theme and Variation Series

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Covid Attitudes/Secret Obsessions


Covid Attitudes #1

During the Pandemic and Shelter In Place months of 2020 and 2021, I sat at the kitchen table and these Epoxy figures emerged quite spontaneously. They seem to reflect many of the subtle experiences of this surreal time. They evolved from fear and isolation, to precariously balanced, to enclosed in frames, to emerging forms.

This gallery also contains “Secret Obsessions” an old series of bronze sculptures in which I play with the concepts of persona, shame, loss, and exposure. The images emerged quite spontaneously but in making these forms, I’ve then tried to capture a distorted, sometimes humorous, but always faithful depiction of human character and experience; as in a dream when someone appears strange but recognizable, usually because some essence or private obsession is exposed. There is no doubt that working with people for three decades as a clinical psychologist has influenced these images and ideas.

And the first of a series I'm calling "Yeh! Life".



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