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 roger sonneland 

New Zealand

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Flower Images
Ngaio Bay Homestay B&B
Nude Images
Rose Images

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Artist Statement

My fascination with macro photography began about 5 years ago. I had a new small digital camera which I put it on macro mode and just sort of fell into a rose. I have been taking pictures for more years than what I like to remember `but now all I do is macro photography. I find the field of view in ones mind is the first thing to change when taking macro images and I find that really fascinating.


When I was asked to display my work on Gallery Direct, I gave it a lot of thought before deciding to open a site. I went through some of the art sites, and all of the existing photographers’ portfolios, before deciding it was a site I felt comfortable with. There are some good photographers showing their work on Gallery Direct and I am honoured to be asked to join them.

My career began way back in the late 60s, blossomed in the 70s then fell for nearly 30 years. I worked for several different agencies in Europe during this period. I began by selling a bit of landscape photography, then I had about a 5 or 6 year period where I only did nude photography. I loved doing nude work in fact in hindsight I find it very similar to the work I do today. The problem with photographing nudes during the early 70s was I was continuously being asked if I could make my images a bit more sexy, sensuous, or erotic. Although I agree these type of images can be very much an art form, they were not the sort of images I was interested in taking.

Today all I do is macro photography. My new camera has never taken any other type of image. I also concentrate all my energy on just one subject, flowers. I have never entered even one of my images in any sort of competition. I have only had two exhibitions in my entire life. I have sold a fair few limited edition prints of my work throughout Europe, and a few in the Americas but what I do now is a very personal experience between me and the flower I am photographing. How long this passion will last is unwritten but at the moment I am almost totally absorbed by it and enjoy it so much that I shall go with it till the urge passes. In my portfolio there is a gallery called “Ngaio Bay Homestay and B&B”. This is where I live, and have lived, for the past 27 years. After spending a good many years traveling around our planet I have not found any other place that compares with where I am so fortunate to call home. I leave here as seldom as possible. Most, but not all, of the work I do with flowers happens right here in our garden.


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