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Portfolio of
 Jeri Drucker 

New York City, N.Y.
United States

Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics

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aids paintings


what we are all doing now in the battle
against Aids.

Artist Statement

I have been working from my own candid photos based on my travels and visits to family and friends for many years. I am often torn between photography and painting as my primary artform. And I have been working on a series on the subject of the history of Aids, off and on since close to the beginning of the epidemic. The one above was a kind of culmination though not the last in the series. Friends workiing in the field, in Germany had asked me to do something showing the more positive progress in the aids field for a fundraising booklet in Munich. I was able to call on all kinds of photos from all kind of places , doctors offices, flea markets, and the aids quilt(and the in- painting dedication ,"for those who died alone", is a copy of a piece of the quilt) and other accumulated ideas. The series and individual paintings from it, have been shown all over Europe and in Australia as well. I felt I was living through a period of history from bleak to promising and expressing it. So the painting,"What we are all doing now", like the quilt is a patchwork or collage for our times .

I started out doing rather abstract landscapes, and then moved into figurative paintings of dramatic scenes of what I call the drama of everyday life.

Then I moved from outsize portraits, to romantic couples,
to more complex scenes of people together in parks, at circuses, family groupings, and dances. I think this has something to do with the changing perspective of getting older which is a longer view, a broader perspective, less personal and romantic and more social. The esthetic though is still like that of my early abstract landscapes which was influenced by the abstract expressionism I grew up with, though based on photography.

So these paintings are dramatic, figurative, colorist, narrative, personal, photo based, and large in format.

The subjects are personal as well as social, romantic, familial, and sometimes somewhat metaphorical as in,"the company of women", series and landscapes about Viet Nam, and a number of paintings showing the generations together.


I am a life long New Yorker, born and bred, and mostly a West Sider also. I attended NYC public schools, had childhood art lessons in Woodstock(parents friends) , N.Y., In NYC at MOMA, and the 92nd st Y

My first oil painting teacher was in Israel, (Greta Krakauer a jewish swiss refugee who was an art therapist) where I lived when I was l5, with my family.

Attended Music and Art Highschool in NYC
Attended Brandeis University but soon switched to and graduated from City College with a degree iin Psychology

Studied Art Therapy at Turtle Bay Music School
Studied Psychology at The New School for Social Research
Grew up on the West Side of Manhattan where I live today with my epidemiologist husband whom I met at City and where we brought up our journalist son, and also spent part of my childhood on the upper east side and in Woodstock, which is historically an artists colony and where my parents had a house when I was young.

Took up photography on my own with a small Rollei camera in my thirties and spent ten years in my darkroom printing black and white pictures. But now I do only color photography

and let other people do the printing..
My mother also painted and wrote and was very art oriented but gave it up herself for teaching and real estate. Still we were very encouraged to be creative and go to museums. I spent almost every saturday at the Natural History Museum and then the Metropoitan Museum of Art, alone, usually drawing from the ages of eight to perhaps l2.

I joined a co op gallery 91 in Brooklyn in l975, and then the Ward Nasse gallery in Soho in l976, and proceeded to become very active in the artists cooperative movement over the next ten or twelve years. Having shows, organizing and hanging shows, running the board of the Ward Nasse gallery and also getting involved in an intergallery organization AARG(association of artist run galleries) and writing and editing an artists review newsletter called, "Artists View Art".

After making German connections and showing Internationally, I finally left the co ops in the mid 80s.

During this time I also published some photos in books and magazines and did some wedding photography. But didnt pursue this very intensely.

I m very influenced by my travels, celebrations with friends and family, and the public health world of my husband, and his colleagues and friends and our trips often to international conferences .

Photography is also very important to me as an artform on its own.


contact info:Jeri
cell phone l 917 825 4318
short form:. I began showing in NYC in the co-op galleries in l975 and was generally active in Ward Nasse Gallery in Soho on Prince St.(organizing shows and running the gallery , showing on a regular basis with a one person show every two years and numerous group shows with them, and its umbrella organization (A.A.R.G.)as well as editing and writing an artist review newsletter for them called Artists View Art. I was also showing in various other cultural venues around the city for ten or so years.

Then I began showing internationally. First in Germany and then in Belgium, and Holland in one person and

various group shows. The travelling group shows were on the subject of Aids. My last two international shows were in Sydney in 2000, and were about the medical history of AIds. Some of these paintings were also published in different books and catalogues and magazines.

I ve also had a number of shows over the years in the Berkshires, in Massachusetts where we have a country house.

I ve also shown in a number of group photography shows over the years around NYC, as well having published photos in various books and magazines.

I also had my own dark room and concentrated on printing my black and white photos for over ten years. so thats the shortform but all the details on different shows and publications follow:

artist and photographer
680 West End Avenue,
New York City, l0025, USA
phone/fax :(212) 749-3616
email :

Latest shows:
Medical Benefits Fund Building, AIDS paintings: AIDS care; history and progress, 97-99 Bathurst Street,, Sydney, Australia, March 9-23, 2000

Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Visualizing AIDS: images in Art and Design, , University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Selwyn Street, Paddington, Sydney, Australia February 5-l2, 2000

James Fuentes Gallery, 53 Broome St. , NYC, NY 10013 , Salon 1, Photographic exhibition, group show, May, 1999

The Berkshire School , Sheffield, Mass., "Couples", opening Feb l4, Valentines Day, 1999
Westbeth Gallery, The Art of Science and the Science o f Art, (group show sponsored by Lucent), 55 Bethune St., New York City, Spring , 1999

Uberlebenzeichen ( Signs of Survival I): Traveling Show:. Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands:( partial listings) 199O - 1997

Germany: Munich, Augsburg, Hall, Cologne, Weirnar, Ulm, Regensberg, Neumarkt, and Giesen,
Uberlebenzeichen II ,: Netherlands :Den Haag
Germany :Berlin, Belgium 1992-1997

THE HEALING ARTS; "The Best American Artists look at Medicine today" Ed.Waysman Spence, WRS publishing, Waco , "What We Are All Doing Now in the Battle Against Aids", 1995

AIDs, Management der Erkrankung AIDS care conference book AIDS
TAGE , editor H Jager, Munich , "Cigarette Break, AIDS Practice Nurses ": 1995
Praxis Magazin, Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, "What We Are All Doing Now in the Battle Against AIDS", 1994.

Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol.270, No.5,"What we are all doing now…", 1993
Catalogue from Urberlebenzeichen , 13 AIDS Posters
from Switzerland: An exhibition in the European Patent Office in Den Haag and Berlin. "what we are all doing now…."1992.

KIS (Kuratorium fur Immunschwache) fundraising booklet ,
cover art plus details, Munich, "what we are all doing now…."1992.
AIDS UND HIV; Infektionen:Diagnostik klinik Behandlung, Handbuch und Atlas fur klinik und.Praxis (German Medical Textbook on ) Hans Jager, editor, ECOMED, 1992 edition.

Uberlebenzeichen , exhibition catalogue, Editor Monika Urban, Westermayer, verlag, GMBJ, Munich, ,"But Science Is So Much Better These Days" 1992

Therapiechancen Bei Aids Behandlungsmoglichkeiten der Immunschwache, Dr Hans Jager, Mosaik Verlag, , Bertelsmann, Germany. "But Science Is So Much Better These Days ", 1990

Other publications
Women’s Health, Gary Null and Barbara Seaman, Seven Stories Press, : "Lady Madonna"1999

European Travelling Exhibitions :85-86

American Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium. January 1986.,
Cultural Centrum, Berchem, March 1986,
Westrand Cultuurcentrum, Dilbeek(West of Brussels), May1986.
International Club Chateau St Anne, Brussels, June 1986.
FrauenGalerie Andere Zeichen, Berlin, West Germany, April 1985
Galerie in dem Loft, Munich, West Germany, March1985.

Other Exhibitlons : l976-1988
Individual Shows ;
Gatsby’s,"Dressing Room Series ", Railroad st., Great Barrington, Mass, 1984
WardNasse Gallery, "Try a Little Tenderness"(Couples paintings), 78 Prince St., Soho, NYC , l987-88
Ward Nasse Gallery, "Every body is a Star", (couples and large scale portraits) 1982
Cicchinelli Gallery, "Face to Face "(Large portrait heads), Chelsea, NYC, 1981
Ward-Nasse Gallery, "Every Picture Tells a Story(Don't It)", Soho, NYC, 1980
Ward Nasse Gallery, "Women I Have Known and Other Friends", Prince St., Soho, NYC, 1978
Ward Nasse Gallery,"Friends and Family Only", Prince St., Soho, NYC1976
Arts Action, Railroad St.,"Dressing room paintings", Great Barrington, Mass., l976
Gallery 91, "Snapshots", Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC, 1975

Group Shows:
Ward Nasse Gallery, "The Natural World; an expressionist view" , l78 Prince St, Soho, NYC, July, 1986

Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, NYC, (catalogues), 76-86
Purdue University; Women's Art Caucus , Lafayette Indiana,; "Lady Madonna", Church Women United, Ecumenical Assembly. (catalogue), I984

Atlantic Gallery, Soho, NYC, Summer invitational, 1983
Henry Street Settlement Arts Center, 19 Henry Street, 12 artists, NYC. (catalogue) , 1982
Women’s Caucus on the Arts Fourteen Women Photographers, City Hall Area, NYC, (catalogue) , l982
Association of Artist Run Galleries (A.A.R.G.)NYC,. Various group shows. 1979 -86
El Groupo Morivivi, (catalogue)"Blue Shiva " plus others, Lexington Avenue and l05th St., NYC , l979

Other Activities: From the mid 8O's thru the mid 9O's I was active in the co-op artist run gallery movement as an officer of the organization of artist run galleries and as assistant chairman and member of my gallery board, Ward-Nasse gallery. I also edited and wrote for an artist run paper, Artists View Art and curated shows.

My paintings are based on my photography .This resume does not include my photo projects and publications. They include photography for a few books and magazines

and wedding photography.
And my own travel and set up and candid photo series( which emphasizes what I call the dance of life-including weddings). I printed black and white in my own darkroom for ten years or so, and then switched to color . I haven’t made the switch to digital, however.


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