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Portfolio of
 Mae Jeon 

Staten Island, NY
United States

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Digital Brushstoke
Digital Floral Art H
Digital Floral Art S
Digital Floral Art V
Digital Still Life


High Spirits

Artist Statement

My artwork is the combination of intuition and discovery within the digital medium. I create the digital image by incorporating a flower with abstraction. By combining floral images within synthetic environments, I transform an emotional and spiritual vocabulary to a pictorial image of art.


Born in Seoul, Mae Jeon studied graphic design and commercial art, received a BS and a MFA in Hong-Ik University in Korea. She worked as graphic designer for 30 years in Tokyo, Seoul and in New York, and retired from commercial art field to pursue her passion in fine art.

Jeon¡¯s work has been exhibited in museum and gallery shows in the United States and abroad including Chianciano Museum Biennale, Florence Biennale, Nevada Museum, Museum of Americas, Latino Museum and art fairs such as Art Expo, Art Spectrum, Artist Project, Art Shopping in Paris, Dubai art fair. She won the Best work prize from the 2012 International Monoprint Exhibit at the Museum of Americas. Her artworks have been featured in numerous art books and magazines in the USA and abroad. She currently lives and works in Staten Island, New York.



2016 Museo Nazionale, 50 Contemporary Women in the Art, Villa Pisani, Italy
2016 Villa Orsini, The Mural for the Peace, Venice, Italy
2016 Gallera La Pigna Palazzo Maffel Maresotti, Leonardo Da Vinci Award, Rome, Italy
2016 Pleiades Gallery, Spring Fever, Chelsea, NYC
2016 Houdson Guild Gallery, The Somewhere Project, NYC

2015 Solo, Berkeley College Midtown Gallery, NYC, NY
2015 The Mural for the Peace, Houston, TX & Oud Metha, Dubai
2015 Berkeley College Brooklyn Gallery, World Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY
2015 Sky Light Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

2014 Solo, Artifact Gallery, NYC, NY
2014 Carrousal Du Louvre, Art Shopping, Paris France
2014 Art Expo New York, Pier 94, NYC
2014 Latino Art Museum, International Print Festival, Pomona, CA
2014 Museum of the Americas, 100 Certificated Artists, Miami, FL

2013 Spectrum New York, Javits Center North, NYC
2013 Chianciano Art Museum, Chianciano International Biennale, Tuscany, Italy
2013 New York Art Connection, Long Island, NY
2013 Museum of the Americas, Miami Awards Show, Miami, FL

2012 Apeiron Artplus Gallery, Istanbul International Monoprint Show, Turkey
2012 ArtExpo New York, Artisan Direct Booth, Pier 92, NYC
2012 Museum of the Americas, International Artists Monoprint, Miami, FL
2012 Rogue Studios Chelsea, Art in Focus:Broken Boundaries group show, NYC

2011 Caelum Gallery, World fine Art group, NYC
2011 Broadway Gallery, Global Art Project, NYC
2011 Artist Project New York, Pier 92, NYC

2010 Chianciano Museum, International Digital Art Exhibition, Tuscuny, Italy
2010 Artists Haven Gallery, World of Artists Exhibition, Ft Lauderdale, FL
2010 Latino America Museum, California Award Show, Ontario, CA
2010 Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, International Contemporary Masters, Las Vegas, NV
2010 Museum of the Americas, Paris-America Exhibition, Miami, FL

2009 Barcelona Award Show, Barcelona, Spain
2009 American Juried Art Salon, Fall/Winter, onine show
2009 Carrousel de Louvre, Contemporary Art Sales Show, Paris, France

2008 Solo Exhibition, Museum of the Americas. Miami, FL
2008 Museum of the Americas, Woman in the art Exhibition, Miami, FL
2008 ArtExpo, Crisol Galleries Booth, Javits Convention Center, NYC

2007 Art Encounter Gallery, Invitational Show, Las Vegas, NE
2007 Art & Design, 3rd Invitational Online Exhibition
2007 ArtExpo, Solo Show, Javits Convention Center, NYC

2006 Broadway Community Gallery, "Summer Salon", NYC
2006 Solo Exhibition, World Fine Art Gallery, NYC

2005 Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy
2005 World Fine Art Gallery, Permanent Member show, NYC

2004-2005 Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts, Florida
2004 Contemporary Museum of computer Art, Internet Museum
2004 Dongduk Art Gallery, 5 sisters Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

2003 Agora Gallery, Soho, Juried Digital Art Exhibition, NYC
2003 Coke Gallery, Lincoln Center, WSAC Juried Exhibition, NYC
2003 World Fine Art Gallery, Featuring Artist Exhibition, NYC
2003 Solo Exhibition, Spoke the Hub Re-creation Center, Brooklyn, NY
2003 Taller Borica Galleries, "As We See It", NYC
2003 Computerworks Art Gallery, Gallery Opening Exhibition, Palm Desert, CA

2002 World Fine Art Gallery, Featuring Artist Exhibition, NYC
2002 Broadway Community Gallery, "Definitions of Expression", NYC
2002 Broadway Community Gallery, "Poetry Vision", NYC
2002 Time Square Lobby Gallery, "World Community Vision", NYC
2002 Nexus Gallery, "Small Works 2002", NYC
2002 Center for Digital Art, "Digital Wallpaper", NYC

2001 Nexus Gallery, "Observe and Imagine", 3 Persons Show, NYC
2001 Nexus Gallery, "Petite Treasures", NYC
2001 Times Square Lobby Gallery, "Get Together", Juried Show, NYC
2000 Center for Digital Art, "Digital Dimensions", NYC


2016 Museum of the Americas Artists Library Series, 50 Contemporary
International Woman Artists (US)
2016 Art Compass, Art Dormain Whois Verlag (Germany)
2016 International Kunst Heute, IHK Publishing, German
2016 Inspiration International Art Book Vol 4

2015 Mural for the Peace, Museum of the Americas, FL (US)
2015 Sandro Botticelli Prize, Curated Award Artists, Florence, (Italy)

2014 Art Unlimited, World of Art, London (UK)
2014 International Kunst Heute, IHK Publishing, (Germany)
2014 Hidden Treasure Art Magazine, HT Art Magazine Publishing (UK)

2013 Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, Art Tour International, (UK)
2013 International Contemporary Artists Vol.5, ICA Publishing, NY (US)
2013 ArtBlend Magazine, Spring/Summer Vol.1, Ocean Wave Media, FL (US)
2013 Artists Showcase Magazine, Spring Vol. & Winter Vol. Artisan Direct, NY (US)
2013 30 Selected Artists, Golden Edition Vol.1, Museum of Americas, FL (US)
2013 Artist Solo Show Catalog, Artifact Gallery, NY (US)

2012 Creative Genius, World of Art, London (UK)
2012 Who's Who in Visual Art, Art Dormain Whois Verlag, (Germany)
2012 Modern Masters, Art Approach, NY (US)

2011 International Contemporary Artists, ICA Publishing, NY (US)
2011 New York Art Magazine, Artisan Direct, NY (US)

2010 International Contemporary Masters, WWAB, Santa Barbara, CA (US)
2010 Who's Who in Visual Art, Art Dormain Whois Verlag, (Germany)
2010 Featuring Artists, Mediaplan, (Greece)

2009 Contemporary Woman Artists, B.A.C.E., Barcelona (Spain)
2009 International Contemporary Masters, WWAB, Santa Barbara, CA (US)
2008-2009 Contemporary Artists of the World, B.A.C.E., Barcelona (Spain)

2006 100 Contemporary International Artists, B.A.C.E., Barcelona (Spain)
2006 Gallery & Studio, April/May issue, New York City, NY (US)

2004 Famous Contemporary Artists, World of Art, London (UK)
2004 ArtisSpectrum, Vol.13, New York City, NY (US),
2004 20 Contemporary International Artists, B.A.C.E., Barcelona (Spain)
2002, 2004, 2006; 13th, 14th, 15th Living Artist, Art Network Press, Nevada (US)


World Fine Art Online Gallery, New York

Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida


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