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 Guy Levrier 


Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics

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Guy Levrier 1
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Artist Statement

Year 2005 : 332 visits per day, including 4 for my philosophical essays on art and science in my sites in Europe, the United States, Canada and Russia.

Année 2005 : 332 visites par jour, dont 4 pour mes essais philosophiques sur l'art et la science dans mes sites en Europe, aux Etats-Unis, au Canada et en Russie.

In the gallery herebelow, I describe my understanding of the place and purpose of my art in the context of our late twentieth

century: as an artist, I do not accept a place in the
current "death of art" situation. I agree that abstract art
is not self-explanatory although its meaning exists in the
collective consciousness. To explain my effort, I have found
metaphors in quantum physics that enable me to link my
artistic process to the dynamics of progress found in
science rather than to those of regression found in the
arts. The herebelow "Cape Canaveral" Gallery includes my
presentation at the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and
Humanities in 2000, two of the articles I have published in
"Leonardo", of the MIT Press, and other articles published
on my work by journalists in other media.

My last will and testament are such that my canvases will
never be sold, this is the reason why I have tried, all my
life without succeeding, to donate to international
foundations my whole works as per my Catalogue Raisonné,
which you will find in the "Introduction" page of the
herebelow "CapeCanaveral" site. This purely philanthropic,
not for profit project, consists exclusively in maintaining
the perenniality of my works after my death, so that it will
be notorious that none of my canvases are for sale, that
each one belongs to everyone and to no one in particular.
This Art/Science/Spirituality project might be of interest
to the education community in order to encourage the youth
to research. However, if the industry found any commercial
incentive in the production of the related communication
material like Art books, disks, films etc ... such an effort
would be perfectly feasible, in agreement with myself and my


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