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"Abbey Country" Muley Pt. by Bob Sanov
Artwork-ID: 103-3595
"Abbey Country" Muley Pt.

Bob Sanov
Rustic Boat Stony Point by Cynthia Fleury
Artwork-ID: 88-8972
Rustic Boat Stony Point

Cynthia Fleury
A Time of  War by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-6991
A Time of War

Pol  Sioson Herrera
Selected Artwork

Welcome to our Newest Members:
Oils & Acrylics:
Waterlilies by Donna Ion
Artwork-ID: 177-10706
Donna Ion
Victoria, British Columbia

My acrylic paintings, many in large format, elicit a personal response from each observer. I try not to paint ‘scenes’, but to create a mood or memory, a vignette, that enables everyone to recall the beautiful landscapes that surround them personally. Composition is important to me, as is colour and pattern. My paintings can be seen as more than landscapes and enter into the realm of the abstract, appealing to a larger audience and I hope increasing their impact. I strongly believe in extending the colour palette beyond the true spectrum to achieve a higher aesthetic response.
Oils & Acrylics:
LOVERS EMBRACE by Monika Jensen
Artwork-ID: 176-9955
Monika Jensen
Calgary, Alberta

ABOUT THE ARTIST Contemporary artist, Monika Jensen is recognized in the entertainment industry as "The celebrity artist". She is nationally and internationally published around the world in several contemporary master books, magazines and has since launched her own book. Her work in modeling, acting and art has made her brand a household name. Making appearances on the red carpet at The Grammy Awards and also being the exclusive artist at The Oscars Lounge GBK, her notoriety in these industries has exploded. Mingling with celebrities such as: Lady Gaga,Steven Tyler, Jim Carrey, Sir Elton John, Sugar Ray, and many more.... She is the founder of a new style of painting called Stereographic Dimension. She specializes in commissioned works for her elite clientèle, celebrities and large corporate clients who desire a unique art piece in their art investments. All her works are one of a kind, original art pieces that explore her unique style with color and extreme texture. COMPOSITION SERIES This series has a more abstract continuity of line, form and color. Her signature weaving that is created with her brush strokes are accentuated in this series. She called this unique style Stereographic Dimension. This textured detail has become most sought...
Soleil Blanc by Helene Bertola
Artwork-ID: 174-9899
Helene Bertola
Beaconsfield, QC

Since early childhood, I have been fascinated by color, form and the creative arts. My mother was my source of inspiration as I observed her artistic capabilities and her love for the creative process. Having worked with acrylics for some time, I was later introduced to watercolor by Jacqueline Papineau Lespérance. I learned about the wonderful interaction of color and water with paper and also experienced the sheer joy of painting. Nature, with its seasonal changes in color and texture is my great provider of inspiration. Dès mon enfance j’ai été fascinée par les couleurs, les formes et les arts manuels en général. J’ai hérité de ces grands plaisirs de ma mère qui fut de cette génération qui apprenait à tout faire des ses mains. Après avoir expérimenté l’acrylique, j’ai découvert l’aquarelle qui est devenue une passion. Avec Jacqueline Papineau Lespérance j’ai appris la complicité de la couleur, de l’eau et du papier en plus du plaisir de peindre tout en y mettant du travail et de la persévérance. Je trouve mon inspiration surtout dans la nature, ses détails, ses changements de couleurs, de textures et de températures au gré des saisons.
Oils & Acrylics:
A spot in British Columbia by Greg McLemore
Artwork-ID: 173-9870
Greg McLemore
Chino Hills, Ca
United States

I have been into Photography for over 40 years. I have enjoyed the changes from a 3 day turn around to get your photos developed to the instance action of todays digital cameras. I recall my first strong desire to have a digital slr, being a Canon 6 million mega pixel camera that sold for over $30,000, now you can get 3 times the size, with much better picture quality for under $1000.00. If only Ansel Adams could see the changes. I am truly blessed.
Mixed Media:
ABSTRACT 1 by Susan Bardos-Dobbek
Artwork-ID: 172-9644
Susan Bardos-Dobbek
Baie D'Urfe, Quebec

Susan was born in Hungary and immigrated to Canada at an early age. In the past 25years she has explored multi media compositions; clay, fiber art, and more recently began gravitating towards watercolor, which has become her medium of choice. Cheng-Kee Chee has been her source of inspiration. He wrote: “Artists should not be content with the specific subject matter in which they excel….artists should be sensitive to changes around them and, like scientists, be constantly exploring, experimenting, and discovering new ways of expression.” She is gradually transforming her work from the purist watercolorist, to incorporate the Asian water media traditions. The design elements are becoming increasingly important in her work. She challenges herself with expressive brushwork that incorporates paper collage and other oriental techniques. Japanese rice paper can be tinted with watercolors, torn into small pieces and used as collage with other materials. Some of these fragments of paper, because of the words and or images on them, are highly charged with social, philosophical, spiritual, historical, and personal energy. All these elements contribute to the power of the works.


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